a) Accounting Training
We can provide a series of training from basic accounting to generation procedures of financial reports using accounting system.
The programs provided for beginners are as follows:
  1. Introduction to basic accounting
  2. Introduction to basic balance sheets, profit/loss and equity.
  3. Accounting equations and cycles
  4. Debit and credit rules
  5. Assets and depreciation entry
  6. Basic of general ledger i.e. cash, bank, sales and purchase
  7. Transaction entry to account
  8. Balance sheet
  9. Income, cost and expense accounts
  10. Journal adjustment
  11. Ledger posting
  12. Profit/Lost calculation
  13. Exercising
b) Tax Training
We provide training and the like, especially related to the implementation of the fulfillment of tax obligation made in accordance with tax provision and regulations. The program of training can be specified such as a series of tax type, a type of tax or a specific issue in line with client’s request and needs.
The programs provided are as follows:
  1. Concept and principles of tax
  2. Understanding and definition of tax
  3. Subject and object of tax and tax obligation
  4. Type of tax
  5. Tax calculation
  6. Tax report (SPT) entry by tax application
  7. Payment procedures and tax reporting

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